Circumcised God



Anti-porn = anti-women

So women not getting STDs is anti-women? I didn’t know that.

OP is a white male judging by the selfies, just saying

You can get STDs anywhere. Are you saying women are too stupid to make their own choices?

And what does my race or sex have to do with anything? I’m a woman by the way. Nice try.



It’s honestly scary how adamantly people refuse to acknowledge that men might experience sexism

Like what harm would it do to admit it?

sexism isnt hurt feelings though. it is based on a system of oppression that has been around for decades. but it is totally possible to be oppressive, stereotype, and generalize. c:

Whatever helps you sleep at night

your "kill all men teenage girl wrote on a laptop from her father" post thing is actually my favorite and the truest post on this website ilysm

That’s one of my favorite posts. Glad I got a lot of notes it deserved it.

Your icon is purrrrfect ;D *and your blog too*

This made me smile speedy says thank you

I don’t wanna work tomorrow I gotta drive up to Hartford first thing and the line at Dunkin’s finna be crazy and man why’d I agree to this shit

I looked beautiful today

Duh but you don’t count cuz you’re a real person

Duh but you don’t count cuz you’re a real person

Working in Hartford tomorrow



Ok so I just found out it’s hard to take butt pics wtf

You really need something with a timer. Butt selfies are very difficult and almost never flattering

I’m not letting my kids go on the internet til they’re 25

Dear TransTrenders



Please find a cliff, and promptly fall off of it. 

Sincerely, everyone else. 

It’s funny because this person is a “multiple” bullshit person so it’s like he or she thinks they’re not in the same damn idiot boat LOL

Whatever happened to just being goth or some shit kids these days are too fucking weird yo

Anti-porn = anti-women