Circumcised God
In general, we can observe that the lives of rapists are worth
more than the lives of women who are raped. Rapists are protected by male law and rape victims are punished by male
law. An intricate system of male bonding supports the right of
the rapist to rape, while diminishing the worth of the victim’s
life to absolute zero.

Our Blood, Andrea Dworkin. 

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Woke up to Kitty prancing around my bed and kneading on my belly

Woke up to Kitty prancing around my bed and kneading on my belly

If PoC can’t be racist then what does that make the Arabs that are enslaving southeast Asians?

Apparently Robert Mugabe isn’t racist because you can’t be racist towards white people. What does that make him then?

Just because you tell me that reverse racism doesn’t exist doesn’t make me feel more comfortable when a large group of black people harass me for my skin color

Heterophobia is funny cuz it’s all these little gay nerds acting all tough but then you click on their blogs and it’s all pink with anime and shit and you know when they meet a straight dude IRL they be all polite to em but then be blogging all hardcore on the laptop their straight parents got em later that night

Feminists: feminism helps men!

*woman rapes a male child*

Feminists: women can’t rape! Even if it was rape he probably liked it so it doesn’t count! Lol male tears!


do you think the people who make those cisphobia/heterophobia/misandry powerpoints are like “dont be mean to fascists uwu theyre people too! fascistphobia exists”

Are you saying that gender and sexuality are a choice?


when will people learn that heterophobia/cisphobia/misandry/reverse racism cannot exist. like YES you can get people who hate straight people but that’s a reaction to the fact that lgbt people are systematically oppressed by straight people.
to “fight fire with fire” would be to suggest that we’re all on equal footing here but no, that isn’t the case.

Why are people like you so concerned with justifying your bigotry? If you’re that proud of hating people for things they can’t control, at least own up and call it what it is instead of trying to act like you’re not a shitty person.


hey legit question, can women be sexist towards men? because ppl are saying that black ppl can’t be racist towards white ppl bc they dont have the social power, so does that mean misandry isn’t a real thing?

Of course. Anyone can be racist/sexist/whatever to anyone else. Bigotry isn’t an exclusively white male trait.

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